I realised I had psychic abilities when I was able to communicate with passed love-ones in 1964 at the age of five when my grandmother visited at my bedside three days after she passed away. I saw and chatted with her just like I would to anyone else who walked into my room.

My ability to look into the future was further enhanced due to my father’s aggressive and violent nature. I was only young when my parent’s relationship was physically and emotionally heading towards divorce. Being the youngest of four siblings (and the only one left at home), I was always in Dad’s way, often the focal point for his anger and violence.

As a matter of survival, I grew to sense and predict Dad’s change in energy, even from another room. The more I utilised and finer-tuned my talent, the more images would pop into my mind of impending abuse about 5-15 minutes into the future. So I started by hiding under my bed, in my wardrobe or in the backyard.

With experience, I would gather my gear and get out quickly. Sometimes I was a little slow (or obvious) in my preparation which would release a tyrant of anger towards me and young legs can only run so fast. I ended up in hospital several times and one night stayed out all night, hiding, bleeding and batted in a school friend’s wardrobe whilst Dad went door-to-door searching for me. I survived, but with injuries I still carry today.

The abuse went on for many years until I was 18 and moved out. As I grew, I learnt to trust and refine my skills and to save myself a great deal of pain and unhappiness.

It’s easy to become a victim of someone else’s brutality and emotional abuse. Alternatively, you can use what you learn from the situation to improve your life and help others have a happier life too. That’s why I do this work, and it pleases me greatly to help others.

From every adversity are sown the seeds of opportunity and I have taken my natural psychic skills to now be able to genuinely help others who are at a turning point in life. I’ve helped many thousands of people since the 1980s.

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