Important Information About Your Reading

Shakti’s readings use a lot of focused energy and are therefore limited to an hour or so. In addition, Shakti prepares 30 minutes prior to your appointment and clears energy after your reading.

Shakti will endeavour to confirm your appointment the day before. If she is unable to do this, please get in touch and confirm yourself.

Always provide your phone number in case any online appointment connection drops out, or the internet is down or unavailable whilst travelling.  This is especially important if you’ve only had previous social media communication.

To get the best out of your time and investment with Shakti, you can help yourself by answering questions thoughtfully and honestly and be forthcoming with information that might help guide the direction of your reading towards practical solutions to issues concerning you. Simply answering yes or no to her questions is often enough. Being aloof, secretive, sceptical or fearful will not be beneficial to you, it will waste time and actually block the flow of energy and you won’t achieve your objectives.

As the reading is limited to around one hour, you will gain the most if you have some idea of the topics you would like covered and/or questions you would like answered. Write down your questions and have a pen and paper handy to take notes. Please communicate any questions towards the end of your reading, as the information may be delivered during the normal course of your reading, or may no longer be relevant due to the information revealed.

When Shakti conducts a reading, she enters a very different vibration from her normal 3rd dimensional space, so please be accepting and patient with physical transactions afterwards. For this reason, Shakti often asks for payment prior to sessions.

Please turn off mobile phones during your reading (don’t just place on vibrate – turn off, unless using your phone to record). If you are phoning or going online for a reading, please ensure your space is distraction-free.

Should you be late for your appointment, your appointment will still finish around the allotted time. Should you not show, phone or cancel without sufficient notice, Shakti will retain your fee to cover her preparation time and the appointment she could have made in lieu of your time.

Appointments can be changed and rescheduled within 24 hours of your appointment at no cost.

Please ensure you have read and understood the above prior to your session.