My Services and Therapies

Psychic Readings & Palmistry

• Session available either as a private reading at Shakti’s Studio or a phone/Skype/Whats App/Zoom reading with Shakti.

• Clients are welcome to record their session on their own device.

Payment required prior to commencement of reading.

  • In Studio – Cash (preferred) or Credit Card (3% fee applies)
  • Phone/Skype/Whats App/Zoom Reading – Direct Deposit, PayPal or Credit Card (3% fee applies)

$200 for a 1+ Hour Session

Emotion Code

• “Releasing trapped energies can make changes in how you feel and behave, in the choices that you make and in the results that you get.” Dr Bradley Nelson

$150 per 1+ hour session

Body Code

  • Energy Balancing System
  • Uncover the root causes of your body’s emotional stress that has lead to habits you’ve created (for relief) that has shaped your life and illnesses.
  • Emotional wellness, stress release, improved sleep, toxic resolutions, nutrition and lifestyle improvements.

$150 per 1+ hour session

Energy Healing Bodywork (EHB)

• Shakti was trained by EHB founder Caroline Somers who now co-ordinates at the Endeavour College ~ Gold Coast.

$150 for 1+ hour session
$150 for Ancestral Pattern Clearing Session of 90+ minutes


• Observe the chemistry structure and function of your body on a cellular level through your eyes

Your Session Includes
Find out ahead of time where you might be heading regarding your health
– pH Balance Testing – Find out how acid or alkaline your body is
– Nutrition, Detox, Bowel Health advice

Online Iridology Sessions available on Skype/WhatApp, FB, etc.

Email/Phone and book an appointment.

Have someone else take a photo of each eye separately 15 cm from each eye, with flash on and auto-focus.

Text or email the images of your eyes with your name, phone number and date of appointment.

Have these images available to refer to during your session.

$150 for a 1+ Hour session

Hopi Ear Candling

• Includes Scalp Massage

$100 for a 1+ Hour session

Indian Head Massage

• Includes Neck, Shoulders & Head

$100 for a 1+ Hour session


• Trained by Rebirthing founders Leonard Orr & Sondra Ray

$200 for Sessions of 1+ hour

Gift Vouchers & Loyalty

• Gift Vouchers Available with a 3 month Expiry

Workshops & Training

• Shakti is a Government Accredited Trainer (Cert IV)

• Hopi Ear Candling – 1 Day Workshop

• Indian Head Massage – 1 Day Workshop

• Manual and Certificate issued for each modality

• Rebirthing – 1 or 2 Day Workshop