Psychic Remote Viewing PentagonScience Behind Shakti’s Abilities

Some people fear the possibility of after-life energy. However, their fear is simply born of a lack of understanding quantum physics, or due to 500-year-old dogma and superstition designed to control females (especially). In this 21st century, it’s now time to evolve beyond the fear and move on.

USA TV network CBS statistics show that 64% of people have either had some form of psychic reading or have thought of the possibility of doing so, sometime in their life. Deep down, there is an absolute knowing in society that there is more to our physical reality, though the idea is often dismissed as unscientific.

Everything in the universe is made of atoms. Atoms are like buildings; the material that makes up a building (timber, metal, bricks, etc.) is only 1% of the total structure; the other 99% is empty space the building provides within its walls – we call this empty space a room. We often refer to a building (or room) as having a nice ambience (energy).

Similarly, atoms are 99% energy (space) and only 1% matter. Different atoms vibrate at different frequencies. People too have different frequencies because they have different thoughts, fears, prejudices, experiences, beliefs, cultures and genetics. Thoughts are vibrations that have energy that is potentially action, which is then expressed through the physical to create your current reality.

Thoughts can be received by people with this natural talent (such as myself), or people can be trained to do so. Since the early 1970s, the American CIA and the former Russian KGB have spent tens-of-millions-of-dollars training spies to do just this. Spies call this talent “remote viewing”. Therefore, government agencies know the psychic realm is real and how it works – otherwise they would not have invested substantial amounts of tax payer money into research.

All I do is take my mind to a different vibration, align with your resonance and relate what I see, feel and hear.

I can answer most questions.