Some Testimonials from my Clients

(Note: The names have been changed to protect their privacy)

Twelve months ago I was going through a rough patch with my divorce etc., so I went to see this lady for a psychic reading to get some direction in my life.
This was truly the most profound and truly life changing experience I have ever had in my life. I was on the right path for a while, but wanted to advance and evolve much more, and of course find out how to achieve it.
Shakti was truly amazing, she predicted things that have all come true, she guided me on my spiritual path and I dove in and did exactly what she suggested.

AlanMurwillumbah, NSW

Dear Shakti, thank you so much. Your words not only uplifted me, but renewed my motivation and energy. I’m seeing things in such a different light. Now, I have seen some absolutely amazing things on my journey, and I have tried many things to help me connect to my higher-self, but never has it impacted me, or even turned around so quickly (right before my eyes) as it has since my reading with you. You have been a huge part of my growth from the very start and I’m so very thankful for having met you. No words can describe my appreciation and gratefulness. Thank you for helping me feel joy and contentment again. I know I have a long way to go, but at least now I have the renewed faith in my ability and finally a positive starting point.

RebeccaGold Coast, Qld

I wanted to sit down and thank you once again for my outstanding reading that you so kindly gave me. You are so very accurate with all that you so lovingly told me and I am following your advice with the direction of my life. Shakti, you are a remarkable and beautiful lady, and it is a great privilege spending time with you. You have helped me in all directions of my life and I have a great deal to look forward to. Like my mother and grandmother who visited many clairvoyants over the years, I have so for so many years been seeing a few, but no one as outstanding as you, Shakti. You are certainly the very best Clairvoyant that I have had the great pleasure to meet.

LeanneTamborine Mtn, Qld

I’m feeling so much better today, you have such healing in your hands. My neck and head are loose and pain free. My lower back is great.
And thank you for listening to my woos. I went home last night and listened to the CDs you recommended and today is a new day. I feel so unhappy that we are leaving you (relocating). You are by far the my most favourite neighbour I have ever had.
…and PS
I’ll tell you a lovely story too… I asked Brian if I could book him in for another session with you. He said in a very confidant voice, “No, she has already healed me I don’t need to go back”.
You are a true blessing and thank you from the bottom if my heart.

Testimonial BrianNote: Brian is 10-year-old boy in the care of Sue, after Brian’s parents allowed themselves to go down the path of drugs and abuse.

SueBrisbane, Qld