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Over the past decade I have trained in numerous energy healing modalities that assist people to let go of their ancestral patterns. Often our lives are dominated by expectations of parents and family or friends. It’s like having a helium balloon tied to your wrist, every time you move your arm you get knocked in the head by the balloon. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s annoying when it happens again and again. Ancestral Pattern Clearing (APC) cuts the string which allows the balloon to float to the ceiling, still in sight and within reach – but only if you want. You regain control of your life, your agenda, your goals, your happiness.

Consider this…

If you keep beating the drum of your family’s history, beliefs, habits and patterns, then you are bound to repeat the same mistakes. 30-40 years later, you find yourself a similar image of your parents, struggling, broke, unhappy, unable to sustain a relationship. And your children start to feel disenfranchised in the same way you feel about your parents and their future.

Nothing changes unless you make it change! So you watch Oprah and Dr Phil, read all the books, go to all the seminars, you feel inspired for a while, but still nothing seems to change. A year on and you are about the same as you were.

We develop fears and patterns in our lives depending on how we learned to handle our initial contact with a situation within the culture in which we are raised. Around half today’s children live in a single parent family, many with step-dads. Mostly, children live with their mother and if their mother continually complains about her ‘ex’, or other men in her life, her children will learn to handle men through their mother’s prejudices.

Similarly, if you were born into a ‘working class’ family who continuously struggled financially, you had to work long and hard for a living, your concept of money will be one of lack. Conversely if born into a wealthy family, your concept may evolve as one of plenty, not because you can simply ask for money, but because your concept of money is one of knowledge and plenty.

It’s natural for a baby to cry, but if your mother placing a honey-laced dummy into your mouth to pacify you, you will learn to deal with trauma and stress by eating something sweet – chocolate maybe? This continues into our early twenties at school, sport, work, family, church, etc. Teachers, coaches, bosses, priests, and siblings might have numerous unresolved issues and can contaminate your view, developing your fear of success – posing the common subconscious statement, “I’m not worthy” and therefore you tend to sabotage most things that are on-track for success.

Your habits (or unconscious reactions to events) lay a path that creates your life. You create your own reality – every day from your thoughts that lead to feelings that create actions. The cellular memory from our ancestral patterns are installed into our DNA and passed onto your children. A newly born child will inherit the altered DNA/genes from their grandmother if she lived in an extremely stressful or toxic environment. Studies of survivors from Auschwitz concentration camps have shown this.

Then the repeated drumming of family habits compounds your future. Chronic stress leads to escape addictions like overeating, cravings, alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, affairs, gambling, etc. As a result, you may develop diseases and gain weight. You no longer love yourself, leading to anxiety, depression and prescription medication with all their toxic effects.

Can you see how your ancestral patterns can lay the foundations for repetitive, unsupportive events that are creating your daily life? Is there a way out of this labyrinth?
Shakti has overcome both physical and emotional abuse and separated parents during her early childhood and through her experience, Shakti has trained and refined her abilities whereby release of unsupportive patterns is entirely possible.
Shakti works with Energy Healing Bodywork (EHB). Part of EHB is Ancestral Pattern Clearing, Self-Sabotage Release and Hip Release which are subtle processes that release your negative influences from ancestors, parents, teachers, siblings, etc.

Shakti has found (that generally) improvements in life begin immediately after the first session as clients are no longer triggered by situations that used to upset them. Outcomes become more pronounced after three sessions. It takes a strong and willing person to commit to change.

You deserve to be happy, but you have to commit and take action.