Psycic Eye Purple1Why You Need a Psychic Reading

I have been conducting psychic readings professionally since 1980 and have helped thousands of people from all over Australia, USA, UK, Singapore by phone and privately from my studio based in South East Queensland, Australia.

Some clients utilise my services to confirm (or provide new insight into) choices they are about to make and I am able to see the path that will unfold if they take choice ‘A’ or choice ‘B’. This can save a person tens of thousands of dollars and many years – simply by making a better choice today.

I recall in 2002, following the birth of our two children, we were at crossroads with work, business, property, schooling and family. We had some choices to make and so invested $120 and travelled 2½ hours each way for an appointment with Wendy Munroe (now deceased) to gain clarity and confirm our choices and listen to other options. The information Wendy brought through was significant in making a choice that saved us from making a $50,000 investment in a business opportunity through a company that went bust just two years later.

Many try to escape their choices through food, alcohol, cigarettes, work, sport, sex, anger or drugs – which are all guaranteed to lead to unfulfilled unhappiness. There is always an easier, cheaper and healthier way.

If you have read this far, then perhaps you are aligned with my energy to support the choices you need to make today.